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What Does a Pediatric ENT Do?

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Child with ENT Doctor

To ensure the best possible treatment for a variety of conditions and problems, a pediatric ear, nose and throat doctor may be the ally that you need. Ear, nose and throat problems can encompass a wide range of issues particularly common to children. From extremely loud snoring to sore throats and hearing loss, a pediatric ENT doctor is here to help.

Common ear problems for children

One of the most common ear conditions your child can experience is the infection and inflammation of the ear, also known as otitis media. Their ears are still developing and prone to clogging due to bacterial infection or because of fluid backup from other parts of the body connected by the sinuses. A pediatric ear, nose and throat doctor can find the cause of the issue and treat it, as well as treating the symptoms of otitis media.

Common nose problems for children

Many children seem to have a chronic case of a runny nose, but sometimes this might be a symptom of an underlying issue. Because of how interconnected the ears, nose and throat are, all this extra snot can also lead to problems like the aforementioned otitis media, as well as sore throats. Furthermore, you might want to see an ENT specialist if your child complains of a constant blocked nose, facial pain or pressure in the nose or around the eyes. These are signs of sinus infections, which can lead to other ENT problems.

Common throat problems for children

The throat is where all the fluid from the sinuses drains to. Excess mucus can be uncomfortable on the child’s throat and the bacteria present can lead to regular sore throats. If your child experiences sore throats more than five times a year, it may be time to see the pediatric ear, nose and throat doctor. What’s more, many children have issues with oversized tonsils or tonsils prone to inflammation, which can lead to issues like tonsil abscesses and sleep apnea. In this case, your ENT doctor may recommend tonsil surgery to provide immediate relief.

Seeing your child through their care

A pediatric ear, nose and throat doctor can help solve the underlying causes of a wide series of issues around the face and head, including headaches as well as those mentioned above. What’s more, they can provide a whole range of different examinations, so you have the clearest possible picture of your child’s health. CT scans are a common tool for diagnosing ENT issues and early audiograms can help you get a better understanding of how their hearing is developing and any potential issues.

If your child suffers from any of the issues mentioned above or any other kinds of ear, nose, throat, sinus and head pains, you should make an appointment with a pediatric ear, nose and throat doctor. Besides identifying and treating the issue, they can ensure an ongoing quality of care that helps live their young life to its fullest.