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ENT Solutions

We provide Western North Carolina residents with a full range of personalized healthcare services!

Patients First

Our ENT specialists and staff help patients hear, smell, breathe and speak better.

Sinus Solutions

Sinusitis Sufferers, get your life back! 

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ENT Services

Sinus Center

Minimally invasive in-office procedures.

Sayler Hearinv Center

Salyer Hearing Center

Providing Western North Carolina with exceptional hearing healthcare.

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Find out what our ENT specialists can do to treat your healthcare needs!

Welcome to Mountain ENT

For more than 30 years, the providers at Mountain Ear, Nose & Throat Associates have served the communities of Western North Carolina. Our mission has always been to provide the highest quality, ethical and state-of-the-art treatment at a local level to meet the needs of the patients we serve.

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Ear, Nose and Throat Specialists

Our tenured staff has treated generations of families, making every effort to be available when needed by both new and well-established patients. Our physicians are aligned with multiple hospitals and health plans in an effort to provide our patients with all the information they need in making healthcare decisions.

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ENT Healthcare Services

Our relationships with both primary care physicians and other specialists on a local and regional level are unmatched, allowing for a wide variety of treatment options for our patients. In the constantly evolving world of medicine, we strive to keep our commitment to these goals as we continue to serve our patients for years to come.

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