An ENT specialist will focus their attention on various problems regarding the ear, nose and throat. There are many things one of these specialists can treat, more so than most people expect. Furthermore, it’s beneficial if you see one of these doctors to treat specific conditions as they know the best ways to handle them.

Speaking of which, here are four common conditions typically treated by ear, nose and throat doctors:

Hearing loss

ENT specialists deal with many issues relating to the ear. However, one of the most prominent conditions they tend to is hearing loss. Most people experience a loss of hearing at some point in their life. This is either brought on by old age or caused by damage to the inner ear. Regardless, an ENT doctor can help deal with your hearing loss and figure out the best treatments to make it as manageable as possible. In most scenarios, if you go to your doctor with complaints of hearing loss, they tend to refer to you to a specialist anyway.


Tonsillitis is a fairly serious condition that is present in both children and adults. When an adult gets tonsillitis, it’s often much worse than if a child has it. This issue causes your tonsils to swell up, and you often see white spots on them too. It leads to a severe sore throat, which makes it hard to eat or drink anything – including water. You also feel feverish, and just generally have a terrible time. By seeing an ear, nose and throat specialist, you will get prescribed the right course of antibiotics to treat this problem. They’ll also look inside your throat to see how bad tonsillitis is, and may even suggest surgery if it’s a repeat problem.

Nasal polyps

Nasal polyps are a condition that greatly affects your nose and the ability to breathe through it. This occurs when your nasal canal becomes inflamed, and soft growths appear on the inside. They obstruct your nasal passage, meaning you constantly have a stuffy nose. This is most likely to affect people with persistent allergies or asthma. It's important to see a specialist as they tell you the right treatment to try, which may be a round of nasal steroids or could require nasal surgery to remove the polyps.  


Most people are unaware that you should seek out an ENT specialist if you suffer from allergies like hayfever, seasonal rhinitis or dust/pet hair allergies. This is because a lot of your main symptoms will affect the nose and throat. Therefore, a specialist in this area will have the ability to treat it much more effectively than a regular doctor. You’ll get the best allergy medication and the best solutions to this persistent problem.

Along with these four conditions, there are a whole host of other problems an ENT specialist can treat. Things like ear infections, tinnitus, sinusitis, throat infections, tumors and many more are all treatable by these specialists. Essentially, if you have a problem that concerns your ear, nose or throat – then you should see the proper medical professional to get the best treatment possible.