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5 Benefits of a Hearing Test

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Hearing Exam

These days most of us lead pretty busy lives. That means some things get pushed to the back of the line. But when it comes to your health, it’s never a good idea to put things off. That’s especially true when it comes to getting your hearing checked. Now you may be thinking that this is one exam you can put off for a while, especially if you haven’t noticed any symptoms. But there are some very good reasons to get a check-up. Here are five benefits of a hearing test.

1. Better family relationships

Often, family members may notice a hearing loss earlier than the person with the issue. This can lead to arguments over the volume of TV and movies or who said what about something. Sometimes people can misinterpret your actions if it appears you’re ignoring them (rather than just not hearing them). Once you have the results of your hearing test, you can take action to fix any problems, including family fights.

2. Hearing the little things you miss

A hearing test provides a roadmap of sorts to allow the audiologist to determine where any hearing loss has occurred and how best to program hearing aids to allow you to hear sounds in that range again. That means you’ll hear sounds you’ve been missing such as a ticking clock, rustling leaves, chirping birds or children’s laughter. It’s certainly one way to brighten up any day!

3. Removing the uncertainty

If you’re considering getting a hearing exam, you probably suspect that you have some hearing loss. Living with uncertainty is stressful. Hearing tests are painless and take only about an hour of your time. Once you have the results, you can determine how best to move forward. For many people, there is relief in knowing that hearing aids will improve their quality of life.

4. Better social relationships

Socializing can be awkward when you’re not hearing portions of conversation due to background noise or if people believe you’re standoffish. There may also be that little issue of not hearing all the details of what the boss says at a meeting. Aren’t you tired of saying, “What?” or asking people to repeat themselves? Studies indicate that better hearing leads to better health as well.

5. Catching other health issues

Sometimes hearing loss is a symptom. It may be caused by an infection or an earwax impaction or potentially serious health issues such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease or kidney disease. Hearing loss also is associated with depression, dementia and falls.

When you consider these five benefits of a hearing test, doesn’t it seem important enough to move it to the head of your to-do list? Audiologists have the education and training to determine the cause of any hearing loss and offer treatment options. They’re also there to consult and discuss any concerns you may have about your hearing loss and its impact on your daily routine. If it’s been years since your last hearing test, it’s probably time to see an audiologist.