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What is Balloon Sinus Surgery?

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Balloon sinuplasty, also known as BSP, is a procedure for patients seeking relief from uncomfortable sinus pain. It’s a highly effective way to deal with sinusitis and comes with few risks, making it a popular way to deal with the condition. It’s not as invasive as other procedures that can be carried out on the nose, and it’s a proven way to deal with sinusitis while also offering a fast recovery time. It’s typically available from an ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialist.

How does a balloon sinuplasty work?

Since there’s no cutting involved, balloon sinuplasty relies on a different technique. It uses a small balloon catheter which is inserted into the inflamed sinus. The balloon is then inflated, expanding the sinus opening as it grows in size. Saline is then sprayed into the inflamed sinus in order to clean out any pus or mucus that might be stuck.

Even when the balloon is removed, the sinuses will keep their widened size. This helps to keep your sinuses clear even after the procedure has concluded. A balloon sinuplasty doesn’t hurt at all. It can be performed under local anesthetic and you’re free to drive yourself home once you’ve recovered.

What makes balloon sinuplasty safer and less invasive?

Unlike other procedures, balloon sinuplasty doesn’t involve any cutting of the nasal bone or tissue. This means that it’s not as invasive or dangerous as other types of surgery that you can perform on your nose, making it a relatively safe option in comparison.

After going through a balloon sinuplasty, patients can expect a drastic improvement in their symptoms. Their sinus won’t feel inflamed or in pain all the time, and they’ll have a greatly increased quality of life. Because the treatment is so effective, you can expect immediate results and you won’t be expected to re-do the procedure in the future to maintain the same results.

How long does it take to recover from a balloon sinuplasty?

Recovery time will differ from person to person, much like any other form of surgery. However, in most cases, patients can return to work in just two short days. This makes it a great procedure to undergo even if you’re short on time or don’t want to stay off work for too long.

Most people return to work in just two days after their sinuplasty, but you may be required to take extra medication should your ear, nose and throat specialist deem it necessary for your case,

What can I expect after a balloon sinuplasty?

Most patients will report a dramatic improvement in their symptoms. The procedure is clinically proven to help with sinusitis symptoms and is one of the more popular procedures that people go through when speaking with the ear, nose and throat doctor.

The structure of your nose also won’t change. It will be kept the same and you won’t notice any kind of changes to your outward appearance. Instead, you’ll walk out of the clinic with a clear nose and no pain.