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Snot 20 Test

Are you suffering from rhinosinusitis, but aren’t sure if you need treatment or would even benefit from it? Mountain Ear, Nose and Throat Associates has provided a quick solution to this problem. If you’re worried about rhinosinusitis, you can easily fill out our Sino-Nasal Outcome Test or SNOT-20 to determine what your next course of action should be. 

What is the SNOT-20?

The SNOT-20 is a questionnaire designed to determine the severity of an individual’s chronic rhinosinusitis (CR). The 20-question survey measures the physical impairments, functional limitations, disability and societal limitations caused by the chronic rhinosinusitis. 

What is chronic rhinosinusitis?

Chronic rhinosinusitis, which is indicated by swollen and inflamed nasal passages for at least 12 weeks despite treatment attempts, is actually quite common. The condition interferes with drainage and causes mucus to build up, making breathing through the nose difficult. Other symptoms include swollen or puffy eyes and face and facial pain or tenderness.

Benefits of taking the SNOT-20

In order to determine the best mode of treatment for chronic rhinosinusitis, a SNOT-20 test is often required. This test establishes a reliable measure of one’s health status and quality of life. From there, this questionnaire will help provide you with your next steps. If your chronic rhinosinusitis isn’t negatively impacting your quality of life, treatment may be minimal or unnecessary. However, if chronic rhinosinusitis has become debilitating or impeding in any way, this test will help you plan ahead for the next course of treatment.  

The test is the first step in the journey toward better health. 

Take our 20-question survey, and start your journey to better health!

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