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How to Find an ENT in Your Area

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ENT Doctor

You’ve had a persistent cough or sore throat or yet another sinus infection. It’s time to stop living with illness. It’s time to get relief. It’s time to see the ENT. So exactly how do you go about finding an ENT in your area?

Where to start

If you are covered by insurance and you are seeking the services of an ENT for anything but a hearing evaluation, call your insurance provider first. If you are seeing an ENT for hearing issues, there is a good chance the visit will not be covered by insurance. Either way, you will want to know up front if the visit is covered.

Your insurance company will be the best source of information about what ENT services they cover and what providers are approved under your plan. If your coverage requires you to get a referral from your primary physician, your insurance provider is the place to find this information.

Talk to your primary physician

Even if your insurance coverage doesn’t require a referral from your primary physician, you can ask who they consider to be the best ENT in the area. You can trust your primary care physician because you’ve already built a trusting relationship. They’ll only recommend someone you will be able to feel confident in and comfortable with their care.

Check online resources

Another easy way to locate an ENT in your area is by simply searching “ENT” and “your city.” You will receive a list of different results for professionals in your area. View the ENT’s website and pay attention to things like hours of operation, locations and services offered. Make sure you select an ENT that specializes in the condition you’re seeking treatment for. Additionally, you can view the ENT’s credentials, any patient testimonies and more just by reading through the website.

When you visit

When you make your first visit, pay careful attention to the staff and surroundings. From the time you arrive to the time you leave, are all members of the staff pleasant and respectful? Is your time respected and are you treated with courtesy?

You want an office that sees you as a person, not a collection of symptoms or a disease to be managed. Personal care begins with recognizing you as a person.